Trauma Cleanup

We Will Walk You Through Every Step.

We Do the Job Right the First Time.

Elite Trauma Clean-Up Inc. specializes in the complete removal and disposal of all biohazard. From residential, commercial and industrial areas, including equipment and vehicles contaminated with bodily fluids, waste, and odors. Cleanup services include crime scenes, natural deaths, homicides, suicides, industrial accidents, and accident sites.

Elite Trauma Clean-Up Inc. handles all of the labor, materials, goods and supplies, and certifications required for emergency cleanup services.

We Provide Professional Service With Sincerity and Compassion.

Elite Trauma Clean-Up Inc. prides itself on professionalism, responsiveness, and expertise.

Elite Trauma Clean-Up Inc. works closely with businesses, homeowners, insurance companies, health care professionals, law, fire, government officials, construction companies, land management firms, auto-body shops, and homeowners to effectively clean, remove, and dispose of any and all biohazardous waste. 

We Ensure the Safety of All.

Once our team has completed the entire process of cleaning and disposing of contaminated items, a business owner or family can feel safe and confident. Unlike general cleaning companies who only clean what they see, Elite Trauma professionals use the same technology as many law enforcement agencies to locate and decontaminate any biohazard usually left behind at a trauma scene. 

This thoroughness not only relieves a family or business from having to deal directly with the unpleasant parts of a trauma scene but also helps reassure survivors and enable them to “move beyond” the event. With Elite Trauma Clean-Up Inc., the storage, containment, and disposal of all materials are precise and all necessary storage materials, labeling requirements, and safety needs are performed each and every time to ensure proper results.

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