Biohazard Materials


Elite Trauma Clean-Up Inc. is certified to handle, dispose of, and remediate areas contaminated by the following biohazardous materials.

Elite Trauma Clean-Up Inc. is licensed and verified to handle the remediation of buildings or areas that have been infected by biological weapons of war. This includes pathogens such as smallpox, anthrax, botulism, plague, and others.

Biohazardous Waste can be comprised of:
  • Specimen cultures from medical and pathological laboratories
  • Cultures and stocks from research, clinical and teaching laboratories
  • Biological or chemical agents
  • Discarded live and attenuated vaccines
  • Culture dishes and devices used to transfer, inoculate and mix cultures. or material that may contain any biohazard
Human Fluid waste involves:
  • Articles contaminated with blood
  • Components of blood
    • Saliva
    • Bodily fluids such as cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluids, urine and pleural fluid
  • Any human or primate animal parts or tissues sharps, including:
    • Glass pipettes (small and large)
    • Hypodermic needles
    • Blades, slides and broken glass

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